30 December, 2008

It's been quite the christmas. Like no other. The main reason for the unique christmas was the fact that the stomach bug hit with a vengeance. At the cabin with 30 plus people. Thankfully, since we'd already had it, our little family managed to escape but most of the extended family didn't fare so well. I'm just glad it was a cabin with 4 bathrooms. The twins are now fighting a major cold but i was expecting that with a long christmas holiday and i had managed to forget my herbal tinctures to build up their little immune systems.

We've kind of stopped school this week and last, it's just to hard to stop and start with school in the middle of the holidays. I'm looking forward to getting back into gear next week. I have some goals and am looking forward to implementing them.

I've been reading an interesting and challenging book this week that a dear friend gave to me for christmas. Let me just say that i definitely see some areas of laziness in my life that i KNOW God would like me to work on. The book? The Duggars, 20 and counting (for some reason i can't get the link to work)
If you get a chance to read it, please do. I think every christian couple could read the book and receive a real blessing. I realize the main issue is VERY SENSITIVE, especially in this culture. I'm not here to say everyone should have 18 children, but it has again made me search my heart and my motives. My prayer is that God would do in my heart what HE wants, no matter what anyone else does, says or thinks. And when God is the one doing the work, (as compared to law, fear of man, or our own sly, deceitful hearts) it's always beautiful. Again, it comes down to being totally surrendered to God (and your husband) and what He wants, whatever that might be.

I'm hoping to get some christmas pictures posted soon. Meanwhile, have a great New Year!!

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  1. Great Book! Very Inspirational and highly recomended!


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