07 June, 2016


  A link on a subject that is so vitally important. Please mama's, wake up and teach your daughters the beauty of modesty. Teach them how a young man is wired by God and what an honor it is to cover up our bodies for the sake of ourselves and our brothers.  Our bodies are considered beautiful by God and by men, and to dress in such a way that causes a struggle with lust is to mess with an Almighty God. It's serious business and the conservative church (Anabaptist included) are failing miserably in this area. I'm still learning and i'm begging you to learn with me. Praying the Holy Spirit will speak into our hearts.  https://radi-call.com/2016/06/06/what-every-girl-needs-to-know-about-modesty/

25 May, 2016

Bible Studies for Young Women

      I would like to do a Bible study with Emily on being a woman for God. I could do all the research myself and write one but i simply don't feel i have the time right now. Altho i'm thinking i may just need to since i'm having a hard time finding one that is up to the standards that we want for Emily such as modesty, head covering, marriage etc.
   So any ideas? Or book suggestions? Emily is almost 15 and i have a sinking feeling my years with her are limited. I want to grab every moment i can and one of those ways is by spending time studying the word of God in a relevant manner to today. Sure, we're together all the time and we discuss life issues constantly but there's something to just sitting down with the word of God and applying it to our lives. So i'm taking opinions, dangerous as that may be. :)


09 May, 2016

Bits and Pieces

  A bit of an update on our lives, starting with number one.

1. We are still alive and well. Mostly well, that is.

Marlin is having an issue with his eye......Christopher threw up chunky spaghetti all over his mother this evening......we are finding ticks on our children which brings the worries of lyme disease......i'm now 40 and not getting any skinnier. Small things like that.

2. We are still trying to finish schoolwork. That's a real trial when you have boys that could care less about right angles and the mechanics of language. The sun shines, the trees are in full bloom and i expect them to cheerfully sit at a desk? Yeah, not happening so much. But we plod on because those books must be finished or....or....or what??? So maybe we won't finish every book but we are giving it our best shot. Sort of.

3.  Christopher is getting cuter and is walking between people. He's started standing up on his own accord but he just can't quite get his courage up to take off alone. The children are continuing to hope for a set of twin girls.

4. I had a tooth pulled and it reminded me of a c-section in my mouth. I also felt like my body is betraying me and i have now stepped over the invisible line into old age. The age i remembered my parents entering. Scary.

5. We are moving. Again. Interesting the people's reactions when we announce we're moving. They get nervous until we tell them we're only moving several miles away and not several continents. Altho i guess that's always a possibility too. We are moving to a smaller house but it has a shop for the boys to build and destroy things along with a loft that we're hoping to remodel into a rec/company overflow room. It's surrounded by 2000+ acres that we'll have access to so the boys are excited about that. We have been so incredibly blessed with the place we're living in right now and are hoping to someday be able to pass those blessings on to others.

6. Emily's almost 15 and in our church that's when you join the youth, which makes me wonder who came up with that hare brained idea. I wasn't fit to be in the youth when i was 17, much less 15 altho i'm happy to report that Emily seems to have a bit more maturity than her mother did at that age. Still, 15? Really? So she'll be going to some youth things but not necessarily all youth things because we still like our youth to hang out with their fuddy duddy parents. After all, i didn't go through the agony of childbirth, the torture of potty training, the hair clutching of math lessons and the horror of stomach bugs to hand them over to a bunch of pimply youth and a youth leader, no matter how godly they may be. Fortunately, they seem to actually like their parents and often prefer to stay home. Which brings me to another point. Marlin actually gives them the option of deciding things that i wasn't allowed to decide till i was like married. But then i wasn't known for making real wise decisions as a young person. Shall we leave it at that?

7. Altho i wasn't known for making wise decisions as a youth, i have now matured enough that i'm able to run our store so Marlin can go do male things with his boys. Like fishing and hunkering over a fire while shivering. While they were being all manly, Emily and i and baby Christopher kept the store running smoothly. Just like clockwork. I did forget to charge a man for his grill pellets after he bought a grill but i figured i canceled that out by selling a $550 grill in the first place. I'm hoping the man is honest enough to come back and pay up. I also had trash floating behind our truck as we roared away from the dumpster on the way home from the store. I saw flashing lights up ahead and remembering the fines for littering, i ever so kindly slowed down to allow the law to drive ahead of me instead of behind. Besides, i like to make our truck rumble and it's not such a good idea to rumble trucks in front of an officer. I like even more when it's my man making that truck rumble. Puts a gleam in my eye. But the truck is more truck than we really need so altho he bought it for a good deal, we're selling it. Shoot.

Speaking of trucks, i do believe i hear it rumbling in our drive which means big daddy Weav is home from mens meeting. Yippee! See ya'll later.

23 March, 2016

It's my Life

.....frying mandazis

.....listening to Pandora.....what is it about music that just.....works? I find myself dancing around the kitchen, grubby apron wrapped around my middle, music swirling around like so many sunbeams. Standing still in church while singing is next to impossible for me and its not because we have a band. We sing old fashioned hymns but we stand and the acoustics are amazing in our little country church and the worship lifts me up, up away.......

.....kissing a fat baby boy with a very bad cold

.....pulling out kenyan treasures, remembering

.....sitting in our store, chatting with the hot owner who also happens to by my husband, on stools that have price stickers on them

....watching the trees bursting into buds....purple and white haze filling the tree lines

....laughing as cousins make memories and delight in the joy that is family

....knowing that Jesus loves me, even me

These are a few of the things that are occupying my days and it's good. Very good.

17 March, 2016

A Cup of Water

     It wasn't such a bad dream, really. To reach the lost with the gospel of Jesus. To weep with them and to live life with them. No matter that they were African and i was American. I had always longed to serve somewhere foreign......far, far away. And then we moved to Kenya and my dreams of what a missionary woman's life would look like slowly crumbled and i found myself weeping by my lonesome instead of with the Africans. There came a day, when i was hosting guests once again and cooking food for yet another white person, that i apologized to Jesus for failing Him and for failing what i always thought missionary life should be. He ministered to my heart that day in that rocking chair with the broken back and dusty cover. He showed me that no matter how lowly and humble the job, if it's done in His name, it then becomes something so much more in His eyes. My heart was comforted and i went back to cooking rice and beans, and wiping dirty little faces. We left for the states several months later and while i was at peace with how my journey in Africa turned out, i still didn't understand.

   I didn't understand until last week while sitting in a basement in the heart of New York City. We were at missionary de-briefing and re-entry at the Mission Training Center under DNI, and it was then that i caught at least a small reason of why my time in Africa was so far removed from what i had always imagined it would look like. I didn't lead one person to Christ.......never so much as led a Bible study. What i didn't realize was that my Heavenly Father, in his mercy, wanted to teach me to serve in the smallest of ways in order to show me one of the greatest ways to live.

   As i processed those two years in Kenya out loud last week, my mouth fell open as i realized what God saved me from. I went with a pure heart but a rather condescending one. I think it's a common enough trap to fall into it and many of us are guilty of it. We mean well but subconsciously we think we are going with the answers to hand out to the poor savages who haven't any at all. Instead of humbling ourselves to serve, we go to be served even if we would never in a million years recognize it. We don't understand their culture, nor do we really try to, and they certainly don't understand ours and we end up playing a game where everyone's the loser. If i would've done many "spiritual" things, i'm afraid i would've came back insufferable, my spiritual ego inflated and my heart quietly (or not so quietly) condescending towards the people at "home" who never had the courage to leave at all. Instead, i was allowed to serve Jesus through a cup of cold water........over and over and over again. I came back humbled and with few answers. However, i do know this.

   Jesus WILL build His church and He needs servants to do that. Humble servants without all the answers but with teachable hearts. God will not be robbed of His glory by anyone, and that includes middle aged, missionary women in dresses who have lofty dreams of reaching people for His name. I am now reaching the place where my heart is worshiping Him in allowing me to learn those painful, exhausting lessons that has taken so much out of me. He is a good Daddy who has been, and still is, tenderly rubbing away my tears, pruning those sharp edges of spiritual pride, and teaching me the joys of serving Him in the humblest of ways. In my heart is still a bit of a longing to climb back into an airplane and try it again. I have absolutely no idea if i will ever be given that privilege. For now, i will hand that cup of water to whoever He asks me to and in doing so, rejoice that i am allowed the honor.

19 February, 2016

I love me some..........

.......Piano guys.

A favorite of mine. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mOO5qRjVFLw

Crank the volume up, people. It's the kind of music to thunder throughout the house. Ahhh, yes.

Thanks you, Bajus's for introducing us to them. Who knew piano and cello could be so fun.

13 February, 2016


   Someday i might have unlimited time to blog.......write.......read........drink coffee.......

   Right now my life is full of noise and laughter.

   I'm surrounded by busy little bodies, pressing against me, drawing strength from me.

   Homeschooling takes hours from my days but we've hit a groove and i'm remembering why i was always so passionate about it. Some moments are hard. No doubt about it, homeschooling stretches a person but how i love the renewed relationship with our children. Even the moments of tears and frustration are so worth it. Please remind me of that next time i want to run away. :-)

  The children and i have been reading a chapter in Proverbs every morning, even the messy parts about sensuous women luring foolish men. I talk frankly, praying that wisdom will soak deeply into our sons hearts. In family worship Marlin has had me read "Ten P's in a Pod" and as we sit in a circle, the fire crackling, i wonder if they will remember these days. Dear God, help us.

  We have been hosting friends and family and there is quite a bit more of that in the near future. We love it.
  In March, Lord willing, Marlin and i head to NYC for missionary debriefing and re-entry and to spend time with Marlin's sister and her little family in their wee apartment. From there we head to Boston to spend more time with family and to fellowship with other believers. A whole week, just me and Marlin and chub-a-lug, Christopher.

   In April, we celebrate our 20th anniversary. Wow, unbelievable. Even more unbelievable is that our marriage has survived and we are still crazy about each other. A gift. A wonderful part of 20 years is that we have older children to babysit while we sneak out on dates.  Not selfishness, just self preservation. Haha.

  So my days spin past at a dizzying speed and my blog sits quietly, waiting for the day when i have the mental energy to write. I've written several posts but never published them. Too raw, too personal. God forbid i jump ahead of Him by spilling out thoughts prematurely.

  Someday i may be back with pictures and thought provoking words. Or maybe not. I don't know but for now, i know that i need to give myself the permission to post infrequently. I also give myself permission to hate adding pictures to my blog. It's one of the bigger reasons i don't post oftener. I'm a writer, not a photographer. So perhaps the time is coming when my writing will drift towards books.....who knows. With the world as my canvas and God as the author it's anyone's guess what the future holds.