15 January, 2009

Yesterday we had a great homeschooling day, the best kind. It's called the Farm Show. The children got to watch chicks being hatched, took a plastic cow apart and looked at all the different innards and also saw what's inside our lungs, used a stethoscope while a nurse left them listen to different heartbeats while she explained what's normal, saw all kinds of animals including a buffalo and adorable baby goats and ate free ice cream. They also saw honey exhibits, maple syrup exhibits, antique tractors and the most educational of all? The merry go round.

I also bought a shirt, which turned it from a good day into a great day.

There is a danger that i see in myself when we go places. I want to turn EVERYTHING into a learning experience. I realized this when we were looking at something yesterday and Marlin told the children to "step back, mom wants to talk." Warning signs flashed in my head and i realized that the best way for the children to learn is not by making a lesson out of everything. I made it a point to not "school" our way through the farm show but to simply enjoy everything that was there.

Eric loved looking at the monarch butterfly display since he's so into butterflies. For end of the school year, we're thinking of taking them to the butterfly garden in Hershey and then going through Hershey's chocolate world. The grand finale for the school year and something for them to work towards. Of course, chocolate would sound like a great way to finish off school in my opinion. Actually, chocolate is a great way to finish anything off............

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