17 February, 2009

If you have celiac and are dairy intolerant, please make sure to check out the link i have to "Nourishing Gourmet" on my sidebar. She has an incredible health blog and although i don't know her personally i think she has much wisdom when it comes to food and also some incredible looking recipes. Since i now have 2 friends who are gluten and dairy intolerant i am taking a much greater interest in cooking that way. I'm really excited about trying out some of her recipes, and love that i can hopefully bless our friends with food that's healthy for them when they come to visit. I'm also a little suspicious that one of our children may have some wheat issues, although i'd like to dig my head in the proverbial sand. I'm pretty good at that...............so, even if we don't HAVE to eat gluten free, i think it can be very healthy to not rely on grains too much but vary our diets to include other things. After doing all this research on GMO, Marlin and i have decided that simple and organic is better,(it's illegal for organic to be GMO) although how i incorporate that into my budget i'm not sure. Any ideas?

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  1. I just watched your video on Monsanto......Scary Stuff!!!!! Thanks for posting about this!!!!


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