16 February, 2009

Wow, what a weekend. I think we're all experiencing a form of a hangover today. Tired, grouchy, all i want to do is crawl into bed and sleep. Weekends weren't made to get up early but that's what happened this weekend.

We attended a healthy eating, organic gardening seminar on Saturday. We enjoyed it and also made some new friends, along with visiting with old ones. I love watching people at places like that, one of the reasons we sat near the back. :) There's often a certain type of people there, people who think outside the "normal" box, people who think for themselves. I like that. I also notice the large families, and often the very same people who don't fit in a box are the same ones that bring their not so small families along. We actually left 4 of our children with Marlin's sister and one of her friends, who are WONDERFUL babysitters, but Marlin told me that from now on if the kids don't go, (if we're both going) we don't go. I wasn't sure about taking the twins BUT, if they are blanket trained, they would do fine. Btw, don't ask how the blanket training (or lack thereof) is going. :( I love that about my man, though. He's so proud of his kids and would rather have them along than go without them. He says that you can evangelize and hand out tracts all you want, but a well behaved, godly family is one of the most powerful testimonies there are. While it's not always the easiest thing in the world to take 6 young children places, it's the season of life we're in and we want to enjoy every minute of it. Well, unless they're horribly grouchy and have a complete relapse in training, like last night. (right, Laura?) It's hard to visit when you have 2 babies screeching every 5 seconds and the older kids throwing pillows down the steps and mobbing each other................

We made some more new friends last night and were completely blessed by their hearts. It's absolutely amazing to see God working and we're completely humbled by the people He's bringing in our lives. We're in a time of searching and seeking God and what He wants for us as a family and while it's not easy, it's necessary and so we're always excited when God brings people into our life who share our vision for our family. He is truly a God who cares.


  1. we have quite the hangover here too. the kids are in PJs, watched a little too many videos, and i've spent a little too much time on the computer.

    but we are pooped!! I don't even feel like finished the massive amounts of dishes. and there is a stray cucumber on my floor. and half eaten bowls of chili on the table ugh.

    about the babies... I can't speak on blanket training, never tried and don't know if i will (we'll see!) but I thought your babies were perfectly reasonable. after a long day I feel just like they did :)

    I must confess, I was so happy to see your kids weren't little perfect robots. they were respectful and nice and still managed to be kids. I loved it!! that's a great thing about big families! it's a better witness to be real, cranky babies and all, than to be perfect. (hey wait didn't you just point this out to me the other day?)

  2. yeah, you're right, Laura, it is a better witness to be real than it is to be perfect, i was just worried that we totally wore you and the kids out. Thanks for the encouragement!


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