11 March, 2009

Really simple math explained

For those of you who are still trying to figure out what the "really simple math" means........................We're having baby #7!!!!!
To answer the questions, yes, we're excited, ALL babies are a gift, a reward and a blessing and yes, i will continue to homeschool, Lord willing. For the price of tuition we could pay someone quite well to come in and do all my housework. I have the rest of my life to clean and iron but i only have a few short years to teach our children. I am hoping to start school quite early this year so we can take a vacation over the baby's birth which is supposed to happen around November 1, Eric's birthday! The kids thought it would be a great idea to put the baby in a pretty box, with some holes for it too breathe of course, and give it to Eric for a birthday gift. Nice idea, children, but highly impractical.

Emily has been praying for months that Jesus would give her a baby sister so we can't help but wonder if this is the answer to her prayers. We would be thrilled with another son, but for Emily's sake i can't help but hope it's a girl. It would seem so strange to put a baby in a pretty dress, i'm used to blue jeans and sneakers, but what fun it would be.

The children were so excited when they found out that all Eric could do was squeak, Emily stared in shock and Zac kept saying, "yeah right, yeah right." The next morning they all took long looks at my belly and decided that it's definitely getting fatter and that i MUST stop eating anything that's not perfectly healthy because it might hurt the baby. They are, of course, hoping for another set of twins, or perhaps triplets, and i assure them that i would be quite happy with one this time. I guess we'll see..............


  1. Darla! I'm so excited for you guys! I hope for Emily's sake that you are having a girl. I always wanted a sister growing up too. . .but never got one. I'm so blessed as I watch my little girls becoming bestest of friends.

    Are you guys planning to come to the homeschool convention? I think we definitely are. We'll probably go up on Thursday night and stay until Saturday. We've never been away from the kids so long. . .I think I'll miss them. Eric's pretty excited to have me all to himself for two whole days though! :) Have a wonderful day!

  2. Good to hear from you, Connie and thanks for the congratulations. Yes, we're planning on going to the convention for at least Friday. We had been planning on getting a babysitter but aren't sure what we're going to do as finding a babysitter for 6 children is a rather large job. We're actually thinking of taking them along, as we have a wedding Saturday and would rather have a babysitter then. We'll have to wait and see............

  3. Congratulations Marlin and Darla! Seven is a good number! We wish you God's blessing as you raise your sweet family for Him! It can be quite challenging sometimes but ever so rewarding. Are you minding morning sickness? Hope you aren't feeling too sick. Best wishes! Love you, Jewel

  4. Hi Jewel! Thank you for the encouragement. I am having some morning sickness but it's bearable. I keep reminding myself that it's a good sign. :)

  5. yeah! congratulations! I'm so so so happy for you all! =) =) =)

    and as soon as I birth this baby and get over my own morning sickness and what not, I will happily do anything I can to help you through yours! hehe how many weeks are you?

    (p.s. totally off subject, please do tell me more about this homeschool convention...)


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