18 June, 2009

Good-by blogging..........

It looks like my blogging may have to stop for awhile. We're not sure what the internet connections are going to be at our new place. We were told that both DSL and cable were available but unfortunately it looks like it's not available in the exact area where we live. Down the road several miles in either direction but just not at our house. Oh well, i can't help but think that it's not all bad and if i know my husband, he'll figure something out. Until then i will use my extra time to settle in and meet our new neighbors, find out where to buy raw milk and explore the property with the kids.

Until then..........


  1. bummer! I'll miss you. guess I'll have to start actually using the phone. heh

  2. I will miss you too. I'll have to send notes home to you through Marlin. :)


  3. We are all gonna miss you, Darla! Hopefully you can email us now and again. Let us know when you are settled in and we will come for a peek! Blessings, Jewel

  4. I'll miss ya too!! Scott says he and the boys will be at the house right after lunch on Friday. Please keep in touch!!!!!


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