20 October, 2009

Due Dates and Ladybugs

11 days til the baby's due date. Or what i think the due date is. :) I was at the midwife's yesterday and am measuring 1-1/2 weeks small, which is unusual for me. Actually, that's never happened with any of my other pregnancies. So the thought has crossed my mind that maybe my due date is off......time will tell. I did find out the baby is posterior, which means a tougher labor if i don't get the baby to turn. I remember the back labor with Eric before he turned and it wasn't fun. Fortunately, there are exercises i can do to get it to turn. Hopefully. :( The good news is that i got rid of a pesky yeast issue. I wasn't even aware i had it until i took the strip test and discovered it, but it's now gone. Thanks to grapefruit seed extract, probiotics and lots of raw sauerkraut. Marlin makes the BEST sauerkraut and i crave it, eating it straight out of the jar.

In other things, we have a ladybug infestation today. The backyard is literally swarming and Emily is completely grossed out. I should make a science lesson out of them, if i could find the energy to make one. I'd rather sit in front of the computer, or stare off into space. At least Marlin is grilling chicken for supper. A whole chicken, spatch-cocked and smoked/grilled on the Traeger grill. I love grilled chicken like that and since i'm 9 months pregnant and allowed to have cravings, he spoils me. You should see the kind of food he whips up the first week after a baby. Somehow he thinks i'm worthy. Probably the look on my face when the baby is being born.

Since i don't seem to have anything real important to write about, i'm going to go find myself a little caffeine and try and get a few things done....squash a few lady bugs, iron a few shirts, stare out the window.


  1. We have ladybugs too!!! And they came yesterday... how weird is that?!? Missing you muchly!

  2. Oh... and about Marlin thinking you are worthy of fantastic food? He's right! And I'm so glad he takes such good care of you. I don't have to worry a bit about my far-away friend!

  3. I can't wait to see this new little baby (well and you too of course!)

    I haven't noticed any lady bugs here yet... wonder if we'll get any.

    we miss you guys! (hugs)


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