28 October, 2009

Meal of Monarch

Eric is completely devastasted, sobbing brokenheartedly. He watched a monarch butterfly hatch in a little homemade hatchery and today i told him he should let it free. He didn't want to, saying he wanted to keep it, but i encouraged him to "do the right thing." Turns out the right thing was the wrong thing. He placed it on the back porch and immediately the cat pounced and enjoyed a tasty meal of monarch butterfly. He was furious, throwing the cat to try and get the cat to let go of it's meal but to no avail. It's the same cat that tormented and then ate a chipmunk in front of him a couple of weeks ago. He was in tears, angry that the cat dared to do that. Mice, yes. Cute little chipmunks, absolutely not. I treasure his sensitive heart, on the other hand, we want to raise boys who are real men, so it's a challenge to walk that fine line. This same cat also eats grasshoppers and about everything else. The thought has crossed my mind that this cat just may be possessed. Or maybe just very, very hungry.

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  1. Oh dear...so those cute little cats that someone so lovingly donated to you aren't so cute anymore! If you want a replacement we would have five more new ones to choose from!!!!
    I'm glad to be able to finally comment. Something wasn't allowing me to do so before. Thinking of you as the DAY draws nearer. I was praying for God's perfect timing for the baby to arrive, knowing that Marlin works so far away. Blessings!


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