25 November, 2009

The house is quiet. Totally quiet. Jacob is sleeping and why am i not? It just seems a shame to go to bed at 9:00 and besides, i still have tea to finish.

My day started out normal and took a completely unexpected turn. Around 9:30 i called Marlin about something and joked about coming down and eating thanksgiving food with him. (his store had their thanksgiving feast today) I had zero intention of going, after all, who in their right minds drives 1 1/2 hours with 7 children, just to eat some turkey? Especially when i could have a repeat meal in 2 days. However, I never claimed to be normal and Marlin told me in all seriousness that i should come down. And then he said those famous words. "I'll take you shopping." Huh? Shopping? And i had a Christopher and Banks gift card burning a hole in my wallet and my wardrobe is beyond sad right now, thanks to the joys of nursing. I got off the phone, thought for about 2 seconds and within 20-30 minutes we were on the road. The kids were excited and i was looking forward to some pie and expanding my wardrobe.(and waistline) The kids did great at lunch, Jacob was a little angel ( i can't believe how much he takes after his mama)and we then headed for the much despised mall. We shopped, remembered why we avoid the mall, but found some deals to make it worthwhile. And i still have $6 left on my gift card. $6.02 to be exact. Marlin couldn't figure out why in the name of common sense i wouldn't have used the entire card but i didn't see anything else i really wanted and besides, when i shrink to a more normal size, i'll have $6 to splurge on a smaller size shirt. Sounds like a great plan to me.

Marlin took us out to Cracker Barrel for supper, we received the usual stares and "what a beautiful family, you must be crazy," comments and headed home. I think the "you must be crazy" comments is affecting us. We're sitting on the couch later on and Marlin looks at me and says, "what if we're in a group home and don't know it?" and we both crack up. If this is a group home and Marlin's a part of it, there's no other place i'd rather be.

Oh, and i weighed Jacob tonight and my little baby weighs 11 lbs!! His little face is getting round and fat and he's outgrowing 0-3 month size clothing. Bittersweet.


  1. Oh, Darla, I am just cracking up, for I can just hear Marlin now, wondering if you are in a group home. So funny! We will have to call and see what the visiting hours are at your "group home". Would be fun to visit again.

  2. We would love to have you visit! The visiting hours at this particular group home are pretty flexible. Crazy....but flexible. :)

  3. This made me laugh out loud. Your spontanious decision sounds just like me. I love it! You go girl!

  4. Hi,my daughter Janae introduced me to your blog.Your Dad is my cousin.So sad about your Mother.I worked in a dementia unit for awhile. His grace is sufficient but still life happens......hope the precious memories of your Mom will stay fresh in your mind.prayers,Elaine

  5. Hi Elaine, nice to hear from you! I'm continually amazed at who i find reading my blog. :)

    Thanks for the encouragement about my mother. I'm learning His grace is sufficient, i would be lost without it.


  6. I'm so glad you decided to make the drive...it was wonderful to see you again. Jacob is adorable!! :)



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