25 January, 2010

Children anyone?

I'm a glutton for punishment. That's the only good reason why i do these things to myself. Let me explain.

It's a beautiful rainy day, the dishes are washed, school is finished and big mama is feeling generous. I should've taken that as a warning sign. As i rock Jacob and watch the children making small forts, i tell them that since it's rainy, "why don't you get a couple big blankets and make a HUGE fort?" They yelled with excitement and Eric immediately took control, kindly but firmly telling everyone what to do. Emily stood in the living room with a look on her face that's been worn by millions of women throughout the centuries. "Excuse me, and what gives HIM the right to tell ME what to do?" I took the opportunity to inform her that her brother is learning how to be a man, hence a leader, and one of the reasons God gives brothers sisters is so they can learn how. That doesn't mean he is THE boss, (don't forget who's in the rocking chair)but it's a good opportunity for him to learn how to lead and for her to learn how to follow. So they continue building. Enter the twin tornadoes. "MOM, THE TWINS ARE DESTROYING THE FORT!!!!!!" Sigh.......of course, i should've known. Soon there's tears as Zac and Eric compete for leadership. They both end up sitting on the bench until they can figure out how to get along. I then get the brilliant, cozy, and brainless idea to read our missionary story under the "tent." I'm in there for 2 minutes when i feel like hyperventilating, thanks to very low ceilings, many children, and much toys. So i crawl out, only to be followed. There's more tears, suggestions of making more forts so everyone can have their own, and a small toy bought at the consignment store that keeps shrieking, "well, dadgum." Well, dadgum, i've had enough!!!! And children, don't ever let me hear you saying "dadgum." The toy then shrieks, "that was fuuun." Toy..... meet trashcan, trashcan.... meet toy. End of story.


  1. Oh Darla, this story made me laugh! I can just picture it! Someday you'll have a boatload of mature children who get together and have tons of fun together (by God's grace!) and they'll talk fondly of the rainy day forts!

  2. You're nicer than me! Forts? Hah! Actually, the thought didn't even cross my mind. I was dreaming of a rambling walk (all alone) through the steadily dripping woods, solitary and quiet. Instead, I built a domino run with ol' Jenga blocks.

  3. I'm definitely looking forward to the mature children. I just hope they remember all the fun and forget the times that weren't so fun.

    As for a rambling walk alone? Not a chance in this house. When i do have a quiet moment, i'm likely to read or blog. Actually, i don't even need a quiet moment for that. Just semi quiet. :)

  4. oh you're so much nicer than me. i HATE forts. I have no idea why... but I loathe them. all those blankets. all that mess! all the chaos as my children fight over who gets to be the designer.

    I was blessed with two very strong willed children. and a baby who is clearly following suit! heh

    but can I say, what a beautiful thing you told Emily about Eric. you framed that is such a good way. if nothing else good came from it, I'd say that made the whole day worthwhile. (in my very humble opinion, that is... as I wasn't there dealing with it myself lol)


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