25 February, 2010

The newest band on the block.......

Our children have joined a band and it's amazing the lessons they are learning. It's an interesting band, composed of different age levels, which teaches them the art of being patient with younger children. The music is the kind that makes you feel like leaving this world far behind. Far, far behind. We only believe in the best for our children, so in light of that, i've surrendered my stainless steel kettles, lids, and spoons to the cause. Rock on, children!!


  1. Oh, don't you love watching their imaginations with all that. My children use jump ropes for mikes and their stage is on the brick at our wood-stove. (When it's not running, that is!) Do you need ear plugs when the kettles come out?! Love it! Have a wonderful day, Darla! More snow commin'! Love ya, Jewel

  2. Sounds like fun! But I have a bit of trouble with that level of noise, so instead of telling them 'no' I just put in my earplugs - lol! They take the sound down a few decibals so that we can ALL enjoy their creativity!

  3. There's a reason they're only allowed to play in the rooms farthest away from me, lol.


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