22 February, 2010

Pink Eye

Pink eye. Blood red, sore and nasty looking, that's what my eye looks like. I had pink eye as a little girl so bad that it actually caused an abscess and scarring, making it sensitive. I thought i was getting over it but this morning it's much worse, so here's my arsenal.
Honey, dabbed at the corners. It stings but who cares, it's better than looking like a bloodhound.
Coconut oil, antibacterial, antifungal and antiviral.
Black tea bags, steeped in water with a few tea tree oil drops in and placed on eyes. NEVER, NEVER put tea trea oil directly in eye.
Colloidal silver
Breastmilk on a cotton ball (haven't figured out how to apply it directly.....no suggestions please)
Neosporin dabbed at the corners ( a little man made drug to help things along, i'm desperate!)
I'm also eating raw garlic and taking oregano oil, both nature's antibiotic, since you also need to fight it from the inside out. I don't smell good but with all the colds going around, i don't think Marlin will notice.

Why not go to the doctor? First of all, they could do little when i was a kid and many times you are much better off fighting it with natural stuff. Having said that, if worse comes to worse, i will try that. Maybe.
I forgot the most important part. Prayer, so if you feel led, please offer a few. Thanks!

Also taking any and all suggestions!!!!!!


  1. Wow. Sounds frightening! Is there anything I can do for you? I would offer to pick up a few children, but i am afraid we might have a bug around here, and you don't need that. But i would be happy to bring supper, or something like that..Let me know. And in the meantime, i will pray you feel better real soon. :)

  2. I wish that I had suggestions for you but you seem to be doing all the right natural things! I've heard that breastmilk really works well for pinkeye.
    But in my family, I am not allowed to try ANY of these natural things. :-( My father-in-law is an opthalmalogist and he thinks I'm qucaky as it is (what with using garlic and onion poultices for chest colds). So we are forced to use his antibacterial eye drops when we have pink eye around here. Sigh.... They do work though so if your condition doesn't improve you might try an eye dr.
    I know this is awful uncomfortable so I hope that it improves quickly!!

  3. Thanks a million Carol, although i wouldn't even LET you take my children for fear we'd pass this nasty bug onto you. Marlin won't be home for supper so we're eating real, real simple today. Thanks so much for offering!!

    Andrea, i'd be willing to put antibacterial drops in my eye if i didn't have to see an eye doctor first. Right now i would do almost anything........

  4. put the breastmilk in an eye dropper or dip your finger in a small bowl with it and let it drop into your eye.

  5. Try Chamomile Tea - use it the same as the Black Tea.

    And I was gonna say the same thing Nib'n'Vit said. :-)

    I've prayed for you (and will again as I remember!)

  6. Thanks guys. I've been putting breastmilk into a small glass container and then using a dropper. It's been working well, although i haven't seen much of an improvement yet. I don't think i have chamomile.... :(

  7. Hey Darla, I am having something funky going on with my eye, too. My eye is red, sore, and the eye lid is puffy???? I'll have to try some of the suggestions. I'll pray for you, if you pray for me. :)

  8. It's a deal kelly! My eye is a little better this morning but still looks and feels nasty. I kept waking up with stabbing pains through my eye. I've been having that the last number of months so i'm thinking i should probably break down and see an eye doctor.


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