18 March, 2010

Day 4

Day 4 of the grain free experience. I also cut out rice and potatoes at home, basically going completely carb free. Unfortunately i'm experiencing some serious weakness, so i'm not sure i can go completely carb free while nursing, in spite of upping my fats. Anyone do this while nursing? I'm definitely sticking with the grain free thing at home for all of us, but i can tend to get fanatical when i do something like this. I want to be wise, not nuts.

The good news? Marlin's blood pressure is dropping!! He took it last night and it was the lowest it has been for a very long time. That was incredibly encouraging after a couple rough days. I also think i've lost my sense of humor. Takes too much energy to be funny right now........that's a weird feeling. I'm thinking i'll make myself some brown rice for lunch and see if i can crack a couple of jokes afterwards. See, not funny at all. Sigh......


  1. I know what ya mean about feeling weak!!! I felt the same way, i'm also nursing Sunny, too. I just attributed the tired and weakness to dye-off symptoms. I also got flu-like symptoms, puffy sore red eyes, nauseous, dizzy all kinds of really fun stuff..JJ. But everyone is different and sunny is eating solids most of the time, too. I hope you feel back to normal soon!!! Happy about Marlin's BP!!!!

  2. Jacob is only nursing, so that makes it a little tougher. However, i really, really want to do this, so i intend to stick it out. I did have some carbs last night at a friend's house, they aren't aware of us being grain free and i didn't want to draw attention to it. Besides, she makes really good cake. ;)

  3. i went carb free while nursing and my milk started dropping and i was very weak. mothers need carbs to make milk. actually everyone needs carbs to some extent. so i added in honey, white jasmine rice, cranberries, blueberries, and sweet potatoes and it helped me a lot! eventually i added back in some potatoes (no russet!) and tiny itty bitty amounts of corn here and there. of and rice flour in very small moderation... but that was after some time.

    have you used flaxseed at all in baking? it's a nice fat/carb. more fst than carb. and coconut milk. we make stir fries and curries with coconut or almond milk. so yummy!!

  4. I have decided to add rice and some potatoes back in for everyone but Josh and Marlin. We do eat some blueberries and strawberries in our kefir smoothies.

    I did make coconut kefir and that worked awesome!

  5. i love coconut milk... i had to replace it with almond b/c it was giving ven and Eva stomach aches and a rash on their face! but i miss it! MMMmmm


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