29 March, 2010

These children the Lord has given me...........

4 of them are sleeping, but that leaves 3 of them on the loose. I have a son, who would rather dissect a marker, dribbling orange chemicals all over his hands, than work on his journaling. Emily meanwhile, is twirling around the kitchen, broom in hand, amusing herself by asking her grandmother (my mother) all kinds of questions. "Grandma, do you like to eat concrete?" Now remember, my mother has dementia and for some reason, Emily delights in asking her questions. Thankfully, my mother hasn't lost her sense of humor and Emily isn't being cruel, just silly. "Grandma, do you like to eat things from outside?" Grandma assures her that she likes all kinds of food. "Grandma, do you like to eat stones?" Grandma gets a grin on her face and says slowly, "well, no, i don't like to eat THOSE kinds of things." Emily giggles and i raise my eyebrows at her. Zac is hunkered down over a corner, grating a lemon for zest, and then decides to "cook." That translates into mess...........Grandma looks at me, smiles and says, "i love coming here."
And i must now go and enjoy a cup of coffee and a lemon poppy seed muffin with my mother. A grain free lemon poppy seed muffin. ;)


  1. Darla, I sure miss you! Visiting you and yours always gave me a good perspective on what well loved, well trained, well enjoyed kids look like! Those kids of yours sure have a good mama!

  2. Where do you get all these recipes??? And where are you buying the coconut/almond flour? Hope you guys are doing well. We miss you. :)

  3. Licia, you made my day. And i miss you too as always. :)

    Anonymous, i'll tell you if you tell me who you are.............alright, i'll tell you anyway. Some of my fave recipes come from "Elana's Pantry" I've never had a bad recipe from her yet. "Grain free Goodies" is another one. I buy my coconut flour from Wilderness Family Naturals or Tropical Traditions.


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