19 April, 2010

The Flu

I haven't died, although with the flu bug that hit me this weekend i considered it a possibility. I haven't been so sick since i don't know when. Let's just say i made good friends with a certain object in the house, known as the toilet. Wow, it's a good thing the flu is a healthy thing to have since it detoxes you and rejuvenates the body. I am most certainly cleaned out.
My little daughter rose to the occasion and took over household duties, including mopping the floor and doing the laundry completely by herself, while i moaned on the couch(and other places). She did most of it without me even asking and did a wonderful job. I'm telling you, some man some day will be very fortunate to win her hand, if he can get past her big daddy first. She served so cheerfully and willingly, that she completely challenged me and left me humbled. I have much too learn from my children. The boys did great too, although boys aren't created to clean counters and scrub laundry (although they are expected and required to do their share in our house), so they naturally won't see the work quite like a female.
I'm glad it's a brand new week and i sure hope the rejuvenation part kicks in soon. :)


  1. God Bless you dear sister as you recuperate!

  2. Wow! Your little daughter sure is taking after her momma! We all know things are better caught than taught! Hope you are up and running soon!

  3. Thanks guys, i am feeling better. Still a little extra tired but at least i'm not visiting the bathroom every 5 minutes.


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