03 May, 2010

Another homeschooling post

It happens every year around this time. The school year is winding down and while i'm ready for the break, i find myself getting all excited about next year. I find myself researching late into the night, and i lay awake, rolling books and ideas around my head. I'm passionate about teaching my children, in spite of those days when i wonder if i'm crazy to even think i can teach my children anything. This year went well, in spite of a new baby and screaming toddlers. And i learned new disciplines for my own life. Disciplines such as getting up early and spending time with God. Drinking hot tea with Eric and Emily while we discussed spelling rules and watched the early morning sun peek through the blinds. It wasn't a perfect year. I messed up, closed the books some days and walked away fighting tears and frustration. I spent time worrying that i wasn't doing enough. I wondered what God's heart really was for our little home school. What God's best really looked like fleshed out in daily life. Was i making life altering mistakes? Mistakes that would haunt my children........and i discovered that making that time to meet with God early every morning made those fears melt away. We're homeschooling for character and relationships, not perfect scoring children who can quote the times tables backwards but fail to learn the real meaning of respecting authority.

And this weekend is the homeschool fair. I think we're going.......with all 7 children. This could be interesting. I love Marlin and how he loves taking our children with us. To him they aren't a bother but a complete joy. A joy that sometimes makes him want to drive the van over a cliff, but a joy none the less. So if you see a man with a mile long line of children following, and a woman who is trying to look calm and collected in spite of the fact that she's carrying not only a baby but sippy cups and books and whatever else she can't load on the stroller, that would be us. Wave and smile and yes, we take donations. :) On second thought, i may just stay home.


  1. that is a wonderful post :) you are so write... prayer is the just the right prescription for an anxious heart!

  2. Oooooohh! I wish I had gotten to this post before the convention cuz I was there with Joyful Mama on Fri and we could've met up! :-( Did you end up going??
    I am now beside myself with new books and thoughts and excitement for the next schoolyear too. I've told the kids NOT to even think about reading all the new books I've gotten them (knowing full wel that they will - lol!). We are bringing our oldest son (8yo) home again aftger one year in private school and I am SOOOOO happy about it!
    BUT I know as well, that it is the time with the Lord each day that keeps the fear and anxiety, (and in my case, controllingness which leads to anger) away. So I' will think of you also as I rise up early to meet Him and then move on to do His work in my family!


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