09 July, 2010

And now for the quick update.....

My father's sale went pretty good, in spite of record temps. and Marlin and the boys are over cleaning up. We are fighting some pretty nasty colds so i would appreciate your prayers. Packing with a sore throat isn't my idea of fun, but we'll make it. All things work together for good, right?

Marlin's taking us out to our favorite little ice cream shop for pizza and ice cream one last time tonight. It's a little family run restaurant and they bring the pizza outside for us to eat. I'll miss it.

I'll be honest, this isn't an easy move for me. I know we're doing the right thing and i have a peace to continue walking, but i know it won't be an easy transition. But God is good and i get to be with my best friend and children every day. This move has only made me love him more. So between him and God? I'll be just fine!


  1. Darla, just take one day at a time. It is very wonderful to have our husbands home with us, but it also requires some adjustments. If you can learn to be flexible - VERY flexible - in your schedule and plans, you will do fine. You never know when a calf will be born, or a cow get sick, and more than likely, "daddy" will need the boys help, right in the middle of a school day. But, they learn lots by being on a farm and being with their daddys - far more sometimes then sitting doing books. Farming, like all other occupations, has it ups and downs. Be easy on yourself, your hubby (who will never get enough sleep) and your children. We continue to think about you and hopefully one day get to spend time face to face again. Blessings galore to you, Darla!

  2. Dear Friend...Praying for you and looking forward to many wonderful times ahead on the new farm...also if I know Marlin, there will be some winner stories to be told from the farm too! :) Love you and miss you already! God be with you, strengthen you, guide you and grant you HIS peace.

  3. Will you not be able to attend church with Billie any longer??? I didn't realize you were moving that far!

    anyhow I wish you all much peace on this move. ((hugs))

  4. Thanks friends! Brenda, thanks for the advice about flexibility. The "not easy" part for me isn't the farm or the cows, it's the adjustment to having my parents in my life on a daily basis. I love them, but i know the added responsibility that will be a part of it.

    And Laura, we will still be going to church with Billie and Rex, it's just that we won't be having spur of the moment chai lattes anymore. 40 minutes versus 5 makes a big difference. :)

    Alright, the movers come in a couple of hours so i should finish packing. Ta-da.

  5. oh wow that is a big difference in drives! I didn't realize. anyhow I hope the move went well!! :)

  6. Hi! I've been thinking of you so often and Darla, I am SO EXCITED for you! Of course, there will be the bumps and stumbles, but WOW - how exciting to know that you know that you know that God has led you to this place - with all the cow poop and the lack of central air and the early mornings and the late nights and the FOOD! The yummy, yummy food that you will be getting your hands into - literally! What opportunity for your kids. What a GRAND childhood for them! What an ADVENTURE!!!

    Keep clinging and singing!!


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