09 December, 2010

To be Thankful or not...........that is the question

When the water lines to the cows drinking troughs freeze, can i still be thankful? When i can't find barn coats for the boys at 4 different thrift stores, am i still thankful? When the house looks like a small twister went through, am i still thankful? When i can't seem to stop eating that peanut butter pie that a sweet church friend brought, am i thankful? Or how about the fact that when i turn the hot water on to do a load of clothing loaded with cow manure and the line has sprung a leak, meaning that i have water puddling on the floor, am i still shouting my praises? Or try this one. The NEVER ENDING DIRT, that gets trekked through my house in one day?

Wellll, at least the water lines to the drinking troughs didn't freeze on a Sunday morning and thank God that it's the cows drinking water, not mine. I didn't find barn coats at the thrift stores, but i did find myself a much needed skirt. The house looks like a twister went through, but i did manage to clean the upstairs bathroom and our bedroom. And i don't HAVE to have hot water to do laundry and i have plenty of dirty towels to soak up the water. As for the dirt, thank God for many little feet to bring that dirt in, and if it wasn't for God hearing our prayers for a way to work together as a family, i wouldn't have all this dirt to sweep up. And we all know that it's more fun to clean a dirty house than an already clean one. And last but not least, that peanut butter pie that is haunting my scales. There's only enough slices left for my men when they come in from unfreezing water pipes and that is most definitely something to be thankful for. Because this friend of mine who brought the pie is one killer cook and my self discipline has a way of puddling on the floor along with the laundry water.

So, in spite of the fact that i have struggled this week to be thankful, i find that when i take a step back and start counting, i discover that i have so very many things to be thankful for after all. How about you? What are you thankful for?

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