13 September, 2013

Murder In Our Compound Update

   A quick update. There were 3, not 2, thieves involved in the murder plus a driver that escaped. All 3 were shot next door to us after being beaten. That's justice in Kenya. According to the paper the 3 men were all police . Also, one of the thugs was a nephew to Jan's wife.....Life here is so very cheap. Money is worth more than human life. I won't pretend we aren't dealing with some very real fears. Last night was rough, with our nerves jerking us awake and our stomachs churning. It doesn't help that we're still trying to adjust to Kenya period, but we keep coming back to the fact that God has called us here and here we stay until He calls us out. The children are handling it well, although Emily said she just wants to go back "home" where it's normal and safe. I could totally identify but reminded her (and myself) that if we run in fear, that fear will follow us back to the states and we won't be any safer there than here. The hard part is getting our hearts to believe that, esp when it's 2 a.m. and the dog starts barking frantically. I think it's a good thing that we sold 99% of our possessions because it would be so easy to tell myself that we can go back to the states in two years, versus indefinitely, thus shutting my heart to the natives and the needs and only doing what we have to do to survive. May God give us the courage to trust and the desire to serve.

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  1. Darla, your honesty is so humbling and encouraging! Humbling, to see a life willing to surrender daily... hourly... Humbling, to see dear ones take up their cross again and again to follow Jesus. Encouraging, to see your realness - you're not hiding behind what you are (or think you are) "supposed" to be and feel. You are accessible to those of us here across the ocean. You will become accessible to the broken people around you in need of love. For you know what it is to be broken... and you know Where to turn in time of need. We are continuing to pray for you all - especially sweet, precious Emily.


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