20 February, 2014


Each year our mission board sends a delegation to Kenya, and each year they take the compound out for a very nice meal  to a place called Kiboko Bay Resort right by Lake Victoria. The children run by the lake and on the dock while we old people sit and watch. We preorder our food so there's not such a long waiting. Usually people try to go early to watch the sunset over the water but last evening it was too cloudy and very windy. 

They also have sleeping "huts" that you can see in the background. 
Grandma and little Levi. But just in case you think his attitude is as small as his stature, i'm here to assure you the terrible two's are in full swing. Ah, but we love him!! 

Me and my little sweetheart friend, Ayla. She likes me but she likes my diaper bag even more.  Sometimes i have gum and i'm not above bribing to win a few minutes of holding her. Her and Levi are the best of friends and when he sees her picture he gets excited and starts shouting, "Lala!" 
Hmm, those boys look quite familiar. Such handsome young men! So energetic and SO NAUGHTY!! 
The rarely played with tractors and skid loaders
Joshua with his homework and his worn through knees......always worn through knees! He is such a sweetheart, bringing me cards and hugs when i'm sick. 

Emily and her friends. Giggling, as always. 

Levi and his skid loader
Jonathan's treasures, Weaver bird nests. Seriously, they are called Weaver Birds and we have lots of them in our yard. How ironic.

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  1. Ooo! I love it when you post pictures!! So do the kids! They get a kick out of the 'weaver birds'. *grin!*

    You look lovely in that picture with Ayla - I do hope you are feeling much better! And your boys look rascally, as aways. Bright eyed with big plans!

    Thank you for sharing!!!


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