25 July, 2014

Lake Victoria and Kibuye Market

   Tuesday morning saw Marlin and the family headed to Lake Victoria for a boat ride and to see the hippo. Kind giving person that i am, i chose to stay home with the two youngest and Emily and make brunch for when they came back. And the thot of a two hour ride with 14 children didn't especially appeal to me. Not to mention that i've seen safer looking rides.

Thankful that God hasn't called me to be an African fisherman.

Titus the boatman with "the crew."

Hippos are the number one reason for deaths caused by animals. If you get between them and the water while they're grazing on shore or vice versa, woe is you. They've been known to snap boats and people right in half. Another reason i decided to sacrifice and stay home. Nevermind that most of the children were along. 

My dad checking out the lake and the hippos. 

Home for pepper gravy and biscuits. This is where we ate all our meals. The carport is the ideal place for hosting anything from prayer meeting to suppers. 
  In the afternoon the men headed to Kibuye market, one of the largest markets in Kenya. Taking children along is not wise so Eileen and i stayed home and babysat the hooligans while the men strolled through the metal working and furniture part of the market. 

Ok, not just furniture and metal but cabbages also. 

And sewing......

Jason is part owner of a furniture store. His looks quite different. 
At least he looks happy.

My father just could not understand why they wouldn't build work tables to at least be able to stand while they work. A clear sign he thinks like a German, not an African. 

Minnows anyone? A delicacy to the Kenyan.

  After the market Marlin drove the van home and dad, Jason, and our friend Dishon, took a tuk tuk. 

A long, bumpy ride

Kenyans don't feel a need for any personal space, which you tell by the size of their public transportation vehicles. 


  1. Looks like fun!
    Say, maybe I'm part hippo! You know: get between me and my quiet resting spot/chocolate/a good book/a cup of tea/whatever and WHAM! You might get your head bit off! Guess its time to put that ol' hippo up on a cross...

    Thanks for sharing all the pics! Its lovely to glimpse into your life!

  2. I so enjoy your blogs. You know once a week blogs are pretty nice. :) It sounds so interesting, (except for the hippos and 101 other creepy crawly things) makes me almost want to be there.

  3. I hear you Jo. :) Other than geckos, which really aren't bad, we have less creepy crawlies here than we did on the farm. Go figure....Kenya's climate is amazing and we do spray around the house but we have very few spiders or other grossness. Other African continents however are quite different. The ones with high humidity or desert type have major nasties. I think you would actually survive here. ;)


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