07 September, 2014

12 weeks

  I can't sleep and maybe, just maybe if i sit and write, then sleep will come.

  This week marks the 12th week of pregnancy and with every other child, even our first, i put away my too tight dresses and donned the wardrobe that told the world that i was to be once again a mother. I always wore them with a sense of relief, at finally looking pregnant instead of just fat.

  Today i put the dress on that i was wearing when we found out we were losing our long waited for little girl. I looked a bit in the mirror and then quietly put it away. I thot it was because it seemed to large but i realized later it was more than that. It seems that i am finding out that even healed people still fill with raw pain and tears.

  How do i wear the same dresses that i wore when carrying her? When i see those dresses i think shock and agony. They seem to me as if they carry pain huddled in their gathers and pleats. Yet somehow, i will put them back on, because sewing a whole new wardrobe is not feasible.

  And strangely, through it all, i seem to see my mother. I know what she would have done. She would have cried and then did the next thing. Which would have been to pull that dress over her head, zipper it up the back, knot those ties and face life. She would have chosen happiness over a new life beginning and refused to allow self pity to pull her down.

  So tonight i cry and allow that grief to happen. I won't pretend that right now all i want is Hadassah. I do.

  But i also know that God is good, good, good and He is bigger than pain filled dresses and hearts. I want to walk with courage and faith and so tomorrow i choose joy. I choose joy only because i am walking with the One who holds both Hadassah and this new child in His hand and His ways are perfect.

  Please pray for me that i would continue to choose joy and trust through this new journey of anticipation mixed with pain.


  1. I am praying the oil of joy will cover you through each new phase of mourning...
    I am praying the garment of praise will will adorn you, placed on your shoulders by the one who lifts our heavy spirits...
    I am rejoicing in knowing that you are a tree of righteousness, planted by the Lord! And He is glorified in you!!!

  2. Such beautiful honesty, beautiful pain... Beauty in being able to feel the pain and deal with the pain... I bless you for choosing joy and Jesus... praying for you...

  3. Licia, and i'm assuming Mariellen ;).....thank you. Both of you are a rock of friendship in my life and thank you for continually pointing me to the Healer.

  4. God bless you, Darla! You are such a beautiful person with a beautiful spirit and have blessed me again and again. I feel a kindred spirit with you whenever I read your blogs. :-) Praying for you as you walk through the amazing joy and pain of this pregnancy. I know you choose joy as you have always done before, but I pray that it comes easy for you. Grieving and celebrating with you from far away. :-)
    -Emmy Falb

  5. Hi Emmy, so good to hear from you!! For some reason i've been thinking of you lately and wondering how you guys are. I was really blessed by your beautiful, modest spirit when we were in Ohio shortly before coming here and was hoping for the opportunity to encourage you, and then life just got crazy. Thank you so much for the encouragement, it means a lot!!

  6. Prayers from my corner of the world as well....from someone who doesn't know you, but knows the same Father who is good, good, good.... May you find His everlasting arms always more than enough in this journey.


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