19 November, 2014

Hadassah Faith Sweazy

   We have some dear friends from another mission about 3 hours from here that came down to Kisumu to have their third baby. Charlton and Natasha Sweazy and their three little ones, Ava, Boaz, and just born, Hadassah Faith.

Of course Emily and i want to keep Hadassah as she is just a little doll, weighing in at 6 lbs. 7 oz. She makes the cutest little squeaky noises and wears pink like a real princess. 

Ava and Boaz have played much with our boys the last 3 weeks and i have a feeling that they will be a bit bored without them around. Boaz is a laid back, easy going little guy and Ava is spunky and knows what she wants out of life. It was kind of interesting, Ava and Jonathan had a few more go arounds than the others but they also connect more than the rest. At one point Ava sadly left me know that Jonathan called her a greedy woman, and of course Jonathan felt he had all the reason in the world to make that claim. I couldn't help but laugh behind their backs, altho Jonathan has never heard his daddy call me a greedy woman so i'm not sure where that came from. 

When i look at the ratios of girls versus boys around here i can't help but think we need more females. However, i have a funny, strong inner feeling that i'm carrying another boy. I'm fine with that. :)
Pray for Charltons as they head back to their part of Africa today. They have been in Kenya less than a year and adjusting to a new baby without all the comforts of America and nearby family can be a real challenge. I would love to be able to send Emily home with them for a couple of months but at 13, she needs to stay a bit closer to home for a while yet. The time is coming way too quickly when we will release her to whatever calling God has on her life.

I am halfway through this pregnancy, and all things considered i feel ok. I've struggled with a lot of exhaustion and fatigue but i suspect some of it is due to extreme dust. There is road work being done close to here so there are lots of big trucks and taxis driving behind our house on the dirt road, and since it's very dry the dust is terrible. It tests my patience when i do the cleaning and within hours the floors and windows are covered in dust. You can literally taste the dust in your mouth in the back of the house, near the road. Trying not to think what it's doing to our lungs but i keep telling myself that the Bible means it when it says to be thankful in all things. I haven't decided if that verse means we need to actually thank Him for the dust or just thank Him for what we're learning because of the dust.

   I will leave you with a picture that helps the thankful attitude. I'm not one that just thrills at looking through pictures that other people have taken of nature, but this one make me happy. Eric took it one evening down by Lake Victoria. He bought Marlin's camera when Marlin upgraded for all the orphan pics he takes and is having a lot of fun snapping and editing. Looking at those vibrant colors makes me think of earth and heaven......the darkness of life with that glorious light of Jesus Christ shining through.

  This week a year ago we were waiting for our Hadassah's birth. She's now waiting behind those clouds and that thought fills our hearts with peace in spite of the tears hiding behind our eyes. Friday is her birthday and for all those of you who have sent us emails, thank you! It means so much when people remember her and let us know they are thinking of us and praying for us. No doubt about it, the birthday of a child who died is a hard time. This birthday, we'll be picking up some close friends from the airport and i can't help but think that God has such good timing. Even a year later, He's still watching out and knowing our ache and using dear people in our lives to show us His love.

 He's such a loving, tender, Heavenly Papa.


  1. Much peace and joy to you this week! I had to think of you this week when we found out my newest niece was born with trisomy 18. Trusting that God really is Love doesn't come quite so easy when real life happens and it's you!! I know you understand saying goodbye to a wee one. Maybe you could breathe a prayer for my brother Carl and Joy and their 5 children? And I'll breathe a prayer for you all too as you remember little Hadassah.....

  2. wow! How delightful that they neared their baby Hadassah! It brought tears to my eyes...
    Thank you for sharing!

  3. I just showed this post to Andrew...
    He said that Natasha looks like she could be your sister! :-)

  4. Hi, I just found your blog, and I can so relate! I am another missionary wife in Kenya. We live in Nakuru. The whole dust thing? Yeah? We are praying for rain! It's been months and the dust billows and hangs in the air like a haze. Winds are picking up though, so that means the rain is on its way.
    My heart is touched reading these last posts about your baby girl. I do not yet know her story as I have not yet read that far back on your blog, but it touched a chord in my heart because I lost a baby this last year in March. It was a miscarriage, and I was only four months along. I know that would be very different from carrying a baby full term and then losing him/her, but it still ripped my heart out. My only consolation was that God had promised to hold my hand and the knowledge that He NEVER breaks His promises. He brought me through. Yet, I still ache inside for you all.

    I love your pictures of Lake Victoria! It is so beautiful. We visited there briefly last year on our way out to Butula in Busia District.

    I look forward to reading more of your blog!


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