08 August, 2015

Hi from the Weavers

  Our crazy, loud, opinionated family. I adore them all. So, so proud of my row of handsome young men and beautiful daughter. Ignore Christopher's pained, angry look as he has one purpose in life and that purpose was safely tucked away, giving him an attitude. And i personally believe Marlin gets handsomer every year. LOVE the gray streaking his hair, giving him an air of distinction. Ah yes, i am blessed among women. 

  I also love the green door behind us. 

  We are only days from, (Lord willing....always Lord willing) seeing family and friends again. The paper chain is slowly disappearing and we are cleaning out corners and excitedly talking about who we're going to see and what we're going to eat. Why does it always come back to food with us? We love Jesus.........and good food. We may need help. Preferably with a side of good coffee and dessert. Marlin will take bacon with his. Or sushi.

  We have begun the firsts of "this is the last time we will be doing this..." and sometimes that hurts. I keep telling the children to soak up life here and not focus to much on the future, because never again will they be this age and live in Kenya. They of course take this advice to heart.......NOT. Someday they will know why i say this. Meanwhile i will continue to say it even while i keep the butterflies in my stomach at a low roar. I am also excited. 

  We will have a 6 hour flight from Nairobi to Qatar and then a 15 hour flight to Philadelphia. Fifteen hours, people. That's enough to start many gray streaks in my hair. Since i don't sleep on airline flights, can you imagine the state of my emotions when we land? Calm and collected, only because i will be in zombie mode. So i'm praying for a miracle. A miracle of sleep for all those handsome boys, for myself, and especially handsome baby, along with a gracious stewardess who will allow me to lay said baby on cozy floor bed. Will you pray with me? In the scope of things, it's a small thing to pray for, perhaps even selfish. So pray as you feel led. 

  And now, duty and dirty bathrooms call. So until next time..........



  1. O my. I can't even imagine 15 hours!!! Praying that it all goes way better than you could ask or think!

  2. I am excited and jittery with you! Love and blessings and peace to you...


  3. Thats a nice family picture ,the green door does add to the picture (but does not take away from those little cute faces:)! I will try to remember to pray for you guys on the return trip home, and afterward.......

  4. We are all getting very excited at the prospect of having our beloved Weaver Clan on the same continent as us. Will pray for your safe and PEACEFUL travels (hey, miracles happen!) and will eagerly look forward to having our crazy families swirl around each other in loud play (with lots of food in the midst!)

    Love you!

  5. Will be praying for you and your crew as you fly..I was wondering too if floor beds for babies are permissable. Today I bought lots of chocolate chips, some cheese and ham, and hotdogs, n just some stuff like that that I hear I may want over there;) And I feel quite unworthy and humbled at all the hard work you all are going to to make things nice for our arrival. Hope you take some time to relax and enjoy the last days there yourself "cause you will never again be that age and live in Kenya ;)" Love your picture and I laugh at Christopher's attitude..Love to all

    1. They normally don't allow babies on floors at all. It's against airline rules but if you get a kind stewardess and you slip a baby on the floor she might turn a blind eye. If you sit at the bulkhead they usually have baby baskets/seats that you can strap them into but every time the seat belt light goes on you have to take them out and strap them in with you. A pain but not much you can do about it.
      We are honored to try and make things nice for you but i'm sorry it's so terribly dry right now. The yard and flowerbeds look sad but maybe it'll rain the next two weeks.
      Praying for you guys!!


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