25 September, 2015


  It has been almost exactly a month since we boarded that plane bound for "home." It's been quite the month.

  Our flights and layover was amazing and the children? It could only have been an answer to many prayers because i don't think it could've gone any better. And the Burger King at Qatar airport tastes next thing to unbelievable.

  Truly, the last month has been a bit of a blur with family gatherings, late night talks with dear friends, and countless cups of coffee brewed and sipped. So, so many people went out of their way to bless us and their is NO way that we can ever repay them. So thank you. Thank you to all who prayed for us and put up with our crazy jet lagged selves. Thank you to all who made it possible for us to start over again.

  We have been in Virginia for a week and it's starting to feel like home. For days i've breathed thank you prayers to God for allowing me to enjoy the beauty and order of America. My order loving soul has soaked in the quiet country roads and stately farm houses. Kenya has it's pockets of beauty but i never realized how sentimental i was until i moved there and longed for the kind of country i grew up with. We live along a winding road, with woods on one side and pasture on the other and almost every evening i hop on a bike or take a walk with several of the children. And it was very strange to me the first week at how there were no people along the roads. The roadsides were empty and i wondered if everyone was on holiday, only to remember that everyone is to busy working to lounge along the road, shouting at white people.

  I still find myself flinching when we're driving and someone passes us or needs to turn. Too many memories of almost head on's and crazy drivers.

  I can tell i haven't processed our time in Kenya or our return. There are a lot of thoughts and emotions tucked away for when the time is right. Right now i'm focused on settling in and getting enough sleep. There have been moments of sadness and discouragement but mostly, moments of joy at being allowed to experience this amazing country again, to wave at new neighbors, and to shake the hands of future friends.

  God is so unbelievably gracious and our hearts are grateful.


  1. So glad to hear from you! I hope the adjustments keep going well... welcome home! :)

  2. Hello, hello! I've been thinking SO much of you! Storing up conversations, picking up the phone to call only to realize I've not a phone number, wanting to share in ways I haven't felt since you left... just because I know you are on THIS side of the Atlantic!

    I'm glad to hear you are settling in. I'm glad to hear you had a good month, visiting, chatting, and visiting some more.

    You are still in my prayers!
    Love you!


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