13 February, 2016


   Someday i might have unlimited time to blog.......write.......read........drink coffee.......

   Right now my life is full of noise and laughter.

   I'm surrounded by busy little bodies, pressing against me, drawing strength from me.

   Homeschooling takes hours from my days but we've hit a groove and i'm remembering why i was always so passionate about it. Some moments are hard. No doubt about it, homeschooling stretches a person but how i love the renewed relationship with our children. Even the moments of tears and frustration are so worth it. Please remind me of that next time i want to run away. :-)

  The children and i have been reading a chapter in Proverbs every morning, even the messy parts about sensuous women luring foolish men. I talk frankly, praying that wisdom will soak deeply into our sons hearts. In family worship Marlin has had me read "Ten P's in a Pod" and as we sit in a circle, the fire crackling, i wonder if they will remember these days. Dear God, help us.

  We have been hosting friends and family and there is quite a bit more of that in the near future. We love it.
  In March, Lord willing, Marlin and i head to NYC for missionary debriefing and re-entry and to spend time with Marlin's sister and her little family in their wee apartment. From there we head to Boston to spend more time with family and to fellowship with other believers. A whole week, just me and Marlin and chub-a-lug, Christopher.

   In April, we celebrate our 20th anniversary. Wow, unbelievable. Even more unbelievable is that our marriage has survived and we are still crazy about each other. A gift. A wonderful part of 20 years is that we have older children to babysit while we sneak out on dates.  Not selfishness, just self preservation. Haha.

  So my days spin past at a dizzying speed and my blog sits quietly, waiting for the day when i have the mental energy to write. I've written several posts but never published them. Too raw, too personal. God forbid i jump ahead of Him by spilling out thoughts prematurely.

  Someday i may be back with pictures and thought provoking words. Or maybe not. I don't know but for now, i know that i need to give myself the permission to post infrequently. I also give myself permission to hate adding pictures to my blog. It's one of the bigger reasons i don't post oftener. I'm a writer, not a photographer. So perhaps the time is coming when my writing will drift towards books.....who knows. With the world as my canvas and God as the author it's anyone's guess what the future holds.


  1. You don't need to bother with pictures about me, I come for your words! :) Blessings in this season of life.

    1. that means so much to me. Thanks!!


  2. Yay! A post by my friend Darla! Yippee! Now, I'm going to go read it.... *grin*

  3. Yay! I love your post - as always! and I love that your blog reflects your life - faithfulness to what you have been called to (mommy-ing, wife-ing, homeschooling, loving, living) and that you make room for that, first. And I love it that you do post now and again...

    Golly, all full of love today, eh? Happy Valentine's Day. hehe!

    I'm glad you've found a h'schooling groove and I'm very glad you will have some time away next month. And hey, if you even need an eager editor for your future books, I would be delighted!

    1. I'll take the love. Unashamedly. :)

      much love back to you! Darla

  4. I absolutely support the notion of you writing a book. We love you all so very much, and reading your blog posts just makes me miss you. Also, please remind me of what you wrote in here when I want to run away!


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