09 December, 2008

I've decided to start the blog with an introduction to our "little" family. We have Marlin, the hard working dad who's the hero of the family......Darla, the not so hard working mama who's proud of hard working dad.....followed by 5 boys and one daughter, who's begging and praying for a sister, preferably twins.

We're decidedly conservative christians who homeschool, consider children a blessing, and we try and eat healthy (at least most of the time.......o.k. some of the time). We don't have a great and glorious social life since we like taking our kids everywhere we go when possible, but we don't consider that a hardship AT ALL!

This blog will be a mix of people writing, mainly myself (Darla) and dh. Marlin and will be about everything and anything. So.........enjoy!

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