10 December, 2008

AHHHHH..........i love rainy days!! The coziness of the rain, candles flickering, children quietly playing.........well, maybe not quietly but at least they're not waging war against each other.

We're getting over the flu bug in this house, or maybe i should say poor Marlin is. He had it rough for the last 24 hrs. but seems to be over the worst. My prayer the whole time has been, "Please God, not me, not me." If there's any flu i hate having it's the "turn your stomach inside out retching" kind.

To help protect the rest of us, we've been drinking kefir smoothies and i just got finished with a batch of nature's penicillen. Organic chicken necks and backs, along with onions and garlic, that have been simmering for 24 hrs. I'll strain it today and we'll be left with rich broth to use in soups and all kinds of recipes.

Emily, the sweetheart, was quite worried about her daddy yesterday. She came to me in the afternoon and informed me that she's been praying all day that daddy would feel better. She was a little worried he would just lay down and die. I assured her that her dad won't give up quite that easy. She will make a wonderful wife and mother some day, with her sensitive heart.

Unfortunately, in spite of the rain, school and house work needs done. Time to go be a mother.........

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