20 December, 2008

Tell me, what more could a person want out of a weekend than family, food and books? (maybe a clean house? unlike mine...) I just got back from the library with a nice stack of books. Some for me and some for the children. I also picked them up some story books on tape. Old fashioned ones that have old fashioned morals, except that my children don't realize that it's no longer "cool" to listen to this kind of stuff. Thank God they don't. They're so into the story that they can't even concentrate on drawing or coloring while they listen.

I love to see the children using their imagination and creativity. Example: Last night Eric, at the wise old age of 9, informed me that he's planning on publishing a science book. I didn't even know that he knew the word publish. He started his book last night with an experiment that he created. When you stick a straw into a kombucha bottle and blow into it, after you stop blowing the drink will come back up the straw, into your mouth, the bowl underneath your bottle and the table that the bowl is sitting on. He carefully drew an illustration and then wrote the instructions, (with some help) above it. Page 1 complete. Now for the publisher..................

I love homeschooling. I love the freedom to teach each child the way that best fits his personality. I love the closeness that it brings between me and the child that i'm teaching. I'm also scared to death that i won't "do it right." I fall into the trap of comparing our kids with other kids their ages. But i found a key that has made all the difference. I'm no longer in control of our homeschooling. I'm simply a vessel. The person in control? Jesus Christ. He has made all the difference. How i struggled the first couple years, wanting so bad to do it perfect, fighting a terrible fear that i will mess up horribly, being afraid what people will think if our children don't read and write as soon as "they" think they should. And then one day i gave up and told God that He is now in complete control of our homeschool. He showed me that He has a plan for their lives and that each one has different gifts. He knows what that plan is and will guide me in how to teach them. My friends, it has made all the difference for now when satan throws his doubts and fear toward my way, i just transfer them right over to the KING!!!! I let HIM deal with the devil and let me tell you, the King does a FINE job. I realized that to raise godly children, i don't have to homeschool, that He is capable of raising up warriors in any situation, BUT, He is giving me the priviledge to walk with our children every single day, to give these little future warriors the keys to knowledge.

Homeschooling no longer became a law but a glorious, humbling priviledge. And that has made all the difference.

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