20 December, 2008

I visited my sister and her little daughter at the hospital today. She was born 3 weeks early and simply wasn't gaining weight so the pediatrician had her put in the hospital for observation until she gains some weight. Alana, the baby, is simply a DOLL and i adore her, as do her parents, of course.

When i told our kids about Alana, we promptly held a prayer meeting for her. I love to hear children pray. "Dear God, please make Alana chubby. Oh, and help us to have a good day." Um, this is supposed to be about Alana but i certainly won't turn any prayer down for us to have a good day. We need all the help we can get, especially with it raining and sleeting outside.

It's another weekend, yeah!!! Have a good one, i'm off to enjoy my man and our offspring.

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