21 January, 2009

Caleb loves his daddy. Actually, Caleb LOVES his daddy. When Marlin is home, that small child will crawl around all evening looking for him. I will often find Caleb sitting with Marlin most of the evening. Caleb will come over to Marlin if he's cooking something at the stove and can't hold him and will lean against Marlin's leg, gently sucking his thumb. Jonathan loves his daddy too but for some reason, Caleb seeks him out more. Probably all the training sessions due to his temperamental nature.

Well, this morning the appliance guys were here. They were working on the dishwasher and i was in the other room taking care of Jonathan. I heard Caleb crying and then all was quiet. I come out to the kitchen and what met my eyes almost made me cry. One of the men was sitting on the floor, and Caleb had crawled over and laid his little sad head on the man's leg and was, of course, sucking his thumb. He saw a pair of jeans, heard a man's voice and to him that meant comfort. Daddy means comfort and security and this man represented all that. The appliance guy was gently patting Caleb's back with a small grin on his face.

What a beautiful picture of the way God wants us to look at Him. For whatever reason, whether i'm sick, scared, mad or just plain down weary of life and duties, i can always lay my head on my Father's lap and know that all is o.k. because He is here.

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