21 January, 2009

Want to make homemade bread but are scared away by the whole yeast dough thing? Well, have i got the recipe for you!! 4 simple ingredients, no kneading and some incredible artisan bread. It's not Sally Fallon approved but this is where i exercise my freedom. I get a little weary of soaked bread and just want some bread with a crunchy outside and soft inside. The best part? It also makes a killer pizza. I should know, i just wolfed down a large amount, warm, doughy and dripping with cheese. Ohlala............diet starting sometime in another lifetime.

There are a number of videos on the internet that show how it's done, if you're a visual person you may want to watch one. The cool thing about this bread is that after you mix it and let it rise for 2-5 hours, you can put it in the fridge for up to 2 weeks. While it sits, it develops it's own gases, (a good thing when you're talking about bread ;) and takes on sourdough characteristics. SO, while it's not technically a sourdough bread, it's actually a healthier bread than most because of the fermenting process which makes it easier for our bodies to digest. I used half freshly ground whole wheat flour and it's awesome. I will probably try 3/4th whole wheat next time and see what happens.

I'm to lazy to write out the whole ingredient list and directions so here's a link for you. http://www.nytimes.com/2007/11/21/dining/211brex.html

I made a double batch last night, thinking i would save it in the fridge for company this weekend but wouldn't you know i got a craving for homemade pizza for lunch. I hacked off a blob for 3 of the children (Eric is a die hard peanut butter sandwich child) and they each made their own pizza. SO easy and SO delicious with such little work. And to think people pay $4 a loaf for this same bread at the grocery store. The great thing is, i still have a large blob in the fridge which i will pull out any time i want fresh bread, slice off a sizable hunk and voila! Fresh artisan bread. Your husband will fall in love with you in a whole new way and your children will DEFINITELY rise up and call you blessed. Especially if you let them help. :)

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