07 January, 2009

I'm sitting at the piano playing "I surrender all" (and no, i don't really know how to play, i'm just self taught) and i was totally into the song. There's something i'm working through right now, a battle that involves my flesh, total surrender and trust in my heavenly Father and to be honest, i'm not sure how to work through it or even how much is emotion or the Holy Spirit. Maybe someday i'll write a post about it, after it's all "worked through," of course, but until then you'll have to wonder.........;) Anyway, so i'm worshipping and even had a few tears involved, when i was jolted out of Holy Land back to mom reality. I was smacked on the back with a measuring tape, lightly, but smacked nonetheless. By a 5 yr. old son............... who lost the measuring tape. Why is it that children have a way of bringing us back to reality without a warning or even remorse? Maybe God made it that way to keep us from becoming too "super-spiritual" and to stay more grounded.................after all, the truth about our spiritual walk is what shows in our day to day interaction with the people, (and back smacking sons) around us.

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