07 January, 2009

We are definitely NOT having a cozy, dreamy kind of day. Neither has it been a smooth homeschooling day. The house is a mess and i think if we clean it up i'll feel much better. That makes such a difference in my attitude. Not sure what that says about me, but if i have a messy house i just can't seem to think straight and the worst part? It makes me want to eat. Like cookies and leftover Christmas candy.

On a cheery note, the twins birthday is tomorrow!!!!! One year old. I can hardly believe it but i have to admit that i'm glad we're on this side. It went well in the beginning but it's so much easier now! So we're having a birthday party tomorrow night and that means cake and ice cream. Yeah! O.k. not so yeah for my waist, but at least it'll be healthy cake. I'll try and post the recipe a little later. It's the cake that everyone "requires" around here for their birthday. I don't think we'll mess with homemade ice cream in January, unless Marlin feels inspired to stand out and freeze his handsome manly self.

Twins are a lot of work but they are SO worth it. We still sit in amazement and watch them play, awed that God blessed us with two. Going away is becoming a bit of a challenge because they want to explore and with two it's more of a job keeping track of them. SO, starting today we are "blanket training" them. Or trying too. The main idea is to be able to set them on a blanket with a few toys and have them stay on it. Happily and without throwing their toys off. I worked with Jonathan today but ended up holding Caleb because he is miserable with a cold and teeth. Jonathan did great and was completely pleased with the hand clapping and hooraying that we gave him when he was done. I'm starting with about 5 minutes and will gradually increase the time until we can go away and have them play on a blanket so we're not chasing them all over someone's house. I have to be honest, i've never done this but i can see that it will be such a blessing. I'm finding out, after 6 kids, that this type of training makes such a difference in ALL their obedience. The older children LOVE when we have training sessions. They beg to do it and think it's great fun to be told to slide down the steps on their bellies four times or to lay on the floor with their noses pressed on the carpet and one foot in the air. Doesn't take much, does it............

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