13 January, 2009

A simple, quick and delicious breakfast that the kids love. Throw a couple frozen bananas in the blender along with a couple tablespoons of carob or cocoa powder, add some kefir or yogurt for natural probiotics, a drizzle of coconut oil for fat, a couple of raw, truly free range egg yolks for protein, and enough raw milk so it'll blend and there you have it. A whole foods, fast food breakfast. Of course, for the peanut butter maniacs out there, you could also add a couple tablespoons of peanut butter.


  1. Marlin and Darla - I'm really enjoying keeping in touch with you ! May the Lord continue to bless your efforts in raising your family for HIM. Aunt Rachel

  2. Hello Aunt Rachel -welcome to our "little" world!

  3. hello,

    Billie B. sent me here. we're new to PA and she thought i would enjoy your blog... and I do! =)
    feel free to stop by mine sometime.


  4. oh... p.s. we made this same smoother two days ago. SO good! (we added PB and didn't use chocolate or carob though. and I had run out of raw milk so we used soy -my son is allergic to milk anyhow. bleh)

    we're nourishing traditions fans too! =)


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