27 January, 2009

There are times when the children are engaged in a small war and i sigh and wonder if there's any hope at all for their little Adam natures. And then there are times when they take your breath away with their quickness to give away their most prized possession to someone who they think needs it more than themselves. That was the case this morning.

Some close friends of ours, a family who has walked through a lot with us, their 2 oldest sons, Orin and Eric, were involved in a head on collision last night. It's truly a miracle that they are both alive, one with more serious injuries but the doctors are very upbeat, and the other with not as serious injuries but hurting as well. God is gracious and ever so merciful and the best part is knowing where these boys hearts are. Those boys give us hope that it IS possible to grow up godly in today's culture. Anyway, we told the children this morning what had happened and they decided to make cards for them. I hadn't even thought that far but told them i thought it was a great idea. It wasn't long before Zac, our 5 year old, came up with a carefully packaged gift. There were large creases in the homemade decorated wrapping paper, and, of course, the much needed tape to hold the whole thing together. He looked up at me with all seriousness in his large brown eyes, and informed me that he is giving Eric his "bestest little birthday 4 wheeler toy." It never crossed his little earnest mind that maybe 16 year old's no longer play with toys, he just knew that he wanted to give the best he had. He also informed me that he was planning on giving Orin his one and only pocket knife but he was pretty sure that Orin already had one so he wasn't sure what to do. He just thought the whole situation was so "heart-tearing."

Is it any wonder that Jesus tells us to become as little children..................

Orin and Eric, we love you guys and are praying for you!!!

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