11 February, 2009

Emily just went stomping out after letting me know that she doesn't want to be my mommy anymore. Huh? I think she meant she no longer wishes for me to be her mommy.

Yup, we're having one of THOSE kind of days. I knew as soon as i woke up that it would be a day like this. I don't know how i knew, i just did. It was in the air. I determined to not let it happen so i drank some coffee. That usually helps and it did for awhile. Long enough for us to get the upstairs cleaned, but it's been downhill from there. We did some group reading, worked on school and made homemade pizza. And bread, which flopped. It wasn't the kind of day for bread to rise...............

Eric threw playdough at his sister and then they had a head on collision while coming around the corner. Emily had a plate of pizza, (don't ask why she wasn't sitting, i told you it's not that kind of day) and she didn't waste any time letting Eric know that he wasn't her favorite brother AT ALL. It was then that she decided to find a new family. Even now she is wandering outside, her hair blowing in the breeze, uncombed of course, and a snoot big enough for the birds to poop on.

Someday she will make a great wife and mother. I hope God is preparing a strong man, a VERY strong man. A man like her daddy. She is, after all, like her mother..............


My dear girl and i had a heart to heart talk, a heart cleansing, hugs and prayer. I think we'll survive. :)


  1. Sean read your post over my shoulder and said "hey it sounds like a real family!"


    (is it bad that this post made me laugh?) ;)

  2. Definitely a real family and laughing is a good thing. :)


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