20 February, 2009

I love Romans 14. I was really struggling last night with the whole organic thing. I would love to eat all organic, grassfed meats, organic vegetables, raw butter and the highest quality olive oil and what have you, but lets be honest, unless you grow your own vegetables and raise your own meat, most of us simply can't afford it. I go to Marlin, asking him how to spend the grocery money and what to do, and while he gives some suggestions, when it comes down to it, he trusts me and doesn't really need to carry that burden. So as i said, i was really battling this whole thing. We are not in a place to raise our own meat so what do i do? I can hardly bear to buy grocery store meat, knowing what i know, and yet i don't have a peace about breaking the bank to go completely organic. So my mind spins in circles and before you know it, i don't exactly have the peace of Christ ruling in my heart. In case you haven't figured it out, i tend to be all or nothing, which can be good unless you're on a budget.......

I start praying for wisdom and this morning i sit down for quiet time, which isn't real quiet thanks to Emily reading out loud beside me, and Romans 14 is what i read. Ahhh, nothing like the word of God to gently put me in my place. Listen to this, "for the kingdom of God is not meat and drink, (what? kombucha isn't spiritual?) but righteousness and peace and joy in the Holy Ghost." Here's another, "I know and am persuaded of by the Lord Jesus, that there is nothing unclean of itself: (and i'm thinking, yeah right, they didn't have commercial chicken houses back then) but to him that esteemeth any thing to be unclean, to him it is unclean." Okay, i realize that it's talking more about the whole Jewish thing of not eating unclean meat, but it can also apply to our lives. I guess the whole matter comes down to this. What are our goals as parents? To raise free range organic kids or to raise a godly, radical for Christ family? Frankly, i'd like to do both but i can't always and if given a choice, the only option is a godly radical family. So how do i balance the two?

The only way that brings me peace is to lay it all down. I simply ask for wisdom to know best how to buy groceries, i trust Him to give me that wisdom and then i do the best i can with what i have. What God wants is my heart and He has that 100%.

Oh, and go read Romans 14. It'll change your life.

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  1. This is a constant struggle for me too. another factor is how the animals are treated. I just can't be okay with anyone treating God's creation in the way that commercial farms do. it's sick. and yet? yet God hasn't given me the funds to avoid all food that is mistreated... you get the idea.

    For a long time we refused to shop at Walmart b/c of how they treat their employees, people in other countries and other small business (really it's just overall a corrupt place). however now we're in PA and there aren't the same alternatives there were available in Maryland. Walmart is now a regualr stop for us and it tears me apart. I feel like my buying makes others suffer (even if indirectly) and it's hard.

    I do believe God's grace covers all! for sure! (thank God!!!) But at the same time, we should not use God's grace for our lives a an excuse to not care about the lives of others...

    I will go read Romans 14 now and perhaps I too wll find some peace. even if it's the "peaces that surpasses all understanding". b.c quite frankly I don't know of a logical way to feel peaceful about it so I will gladly take atleast a spiritual peace about it ! haha :)

    I will say this - I don't think we will ever ever be rich b/c every single time we have an extra buck instead of putting it away I end up spending it on "the right stuff" that doesn't hurt other people or animals. so we've just gotten used to that idea. if you have a conscience, it's hard to ever get rich! haha


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