27 February, 2009

A family of style and class. Redneck style.

We are a classy family. Or we used to be before we had 6 kids. Our classiness is pretty much dying, along with clean vehicles, much less up to date vehicles. I just feel fortunate that our van has air conditioning and bucket seats. There's normally a layer of dirt on the outside and more than a layer on the inside. In spite of paying our kids to clean the van, it carries a continual layer of crud.

If i had any doubts about the lack of classiness in our family, all i have to do is look out the window right now. Zachary, our 5 year old, is wearing a pair of sweat pants, tucked inside black rubber boots and a red sweater with half the words missing on the front, like a mouth gone wrong. To enhance the whole getup, he's flying a kite. Not a normal, pretty kite, oh no, we're too stingy to buy those kinds. This is a homemade contraption, consisting of about 5 plastic grocery bags tied to a wash line rope. They stand at the top of the hill and take off at a run. The bags rise gracefully in the air, flying in all their chemical glory, horrifying the neighbors that there are such deprived children in the area. Please don't tell the children that this isn't normal and most people wouldn't consider this science. They'll realize that soon enough.


  1. wow... we have only two and we're on that same level of classiness! ha. I wonder what this means if we make it to 6 kids?

    I miss living in the woods, b/c only the UPS man knew how hillbilly we actually were! and he seemed to keep our secret pretty well...


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