05 March, 2009

Children.......... Dave Ramsey style

My children are becoming quite proficient in the kitchen. I just ate an egg, cracked and (partially) fried by a 5 year old boy. The miraculous thing is that i never once bit into egg shell. When i saw how he cracked it i tried to prepare myself. When i came down this morning, Emily had both babies in their seats and was shoveling steel cut oats into their mouths. Amazingly, the oats were cooked. They were left over from yesterday morning and she heated them up, stirred some milk in and fed the hungry baby birds. Does anyone know the statement from Dave Ramsey, financial guru, "live like no one else so some day you can LIVE like no one else?" Well, we're putting that theory into children. I'm seeing queen style living in the future. Someday..................

I also want to put a plug in for this awesome company. I just bought a skirt from them this week and received it yesterday. Great quality, fast shipping, and the best part? Very modest with NO slits. Woohoo!! In today's world that is next to impossible to find. The skirt is plenty wide at the bottom so i can walk and even RUN after my crew. So, do yourself and them a favor and treat yourself to a skirt, and at the same time help keep a small business up and running. Here's the link. http://newcreationapparel.com/

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