27 April, 2009

Creativity at it's best

Creativity in children is a good thing. It's what future scientists are made of, the world changers and our future leaders. But there are times when i wonder if there's something like to much creativity.

I looked out this afternoon and saw the hose hooked up to the outside spigot and water running. I followed the hose with my eyes and it went all the way down the yard and was draped over the swing set, gently pouring a steady stream of water into what is supposed to be the sandbox. In the "sandbox" was a pond, full and overflowing with very muddy water and some very wet boys who informed me that they had built a canal and were working on a fountain. The reason i had allowed them to hook the hose up in the first place? They were wanting to wash their dirty wagons and since it was so hot, i gave them permission. I then made my mistake. I went to bed for a nap and when i woke up, voila, i had a pond in our backyard. I do believe they need a creek.

As if that wasn't enough creativity for one day, i noticed later that Zac had a rope tied around one of the twin's waists and every so often he would snap the rope to make the long suffering toddler walk. When i told him, in no uncertain tones, to take that rope off, he informed me that he can't. Jonathan is his cow and he's making him walk. He was dead serious.

Somewhere there are some little ladies being taught how to follow a man and all his dreams and plans. And someday they will meet my creative little men and the rest will be creative history.

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