28 April, 2009

Iced Coffee.......and lots of energy!!!!

I get up from my nap, in need of something to put a little life into this weary, allergy inflicted, sneezing, bleary eyed woman. I don't want a cup of hot coffee but i'm craving something icy....refreshing........exciting. I've got it!!!! Iced coffee! So to the internet i go, in search of a simple recipe that i can whip up in a short amount of time. Of course all the recipes call for stuff i don't have or don't want to put into our bodies so i improvise. I'm learning how to follow my husband's creative example. That can be a good thing......sometimes.
So here's my concoction. I brewed a wicked pot of coffee, twice or thrice as strong as usual. I usually like to use DandyBlend, a healthy alternative to coffee that's delicious, but i'm out, so i used half decaf and half regular. I also happened to have some heavy whipping cream on hand so i poured a hefty amount into the blender, maybe a cup or so, along with a handful of ice cubes. If you don't have whipping cream, just pour some of that rich cream off the top of the milk jug. Ok, now splash some vanilla into the blender and add your espresso. For the sweetener, i used our favorite stevia, NuNaturals. (Seriously, i have never had better stevia)You hit the whip button on your blender and whip it til it's frothy and you can no longer wait. If you want to be popular with the kids, pour it into goblets and watch the entire family's energy level rise as the caffeine hits their systems. Whoopee, we're feeling great and the love level is quite high. We had leftovers so the kids made popsicles and i figure if they have a hard time falling asleep tonight,they'll sleep in tomorrow morning. The concoction was a glorious success, and yes, for those friends of mine who will ask for some, stop in and i'll whip you up a mug. (just give me a warning so it doesn't look like nuclear war around here)

Off to work while the high lasts.


  1. That's sounds soooo yummy!! I could use some right now!!! Where do you get your NuNaturals? Is it the powder or liquid?

  2. I wasn't supposed to say that's!!! That sounds yummy!!!! I wish they had delete on this thing!!:) I should have had some of that iced coffee before trying to write anything!!!

  3. Lol, i wouldn't even noticed "that's" if you hadn't pointed it out. Shows how fast my brain functions.

    I get my NuNaturals from Swansonvitamin.com. I've always gotten liquid form, although why i'm not sure.


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