24 April, 2009

I got a lot done yesterday. The reason? My wonderful mother in law came and housecleaned my kitchen. AND, she stopped and picked up 7 cases of organic peanutbutter that she had found a great deal on. Yup, 7 cases, which Eric and i figured out is between 6-7 gallons. That should last us a while, don't you think? On the other hand, you don't know Weavers and peanutbutter. I think it's a hereditary thing..........

I also read two books that my mil brought. One was quite small and the other was quite interesting. I read most of it last evening and after everyone was sleeping. I couldn't stop and i knew that if i didn't finish it, that book would nag at me all day today, causing me to sit down and finish it. A bad thing on a Friday, trust me. I think i may need a cup of coffee this morning. My man would have NO sympathy for me, he hates trying to sleep with the lamp on. I ended up finishing my book in the bathroom, hunkered down where the light would bother no one.

I don't really have anything exciting and earth shaking to write about. My allergies have been acting up, making be a bit tired, but that's nothing to write about. We've become infested with flies, thanks to our landlord having 3 loads of chicken manure dumped off in the field back of us, and while buzzing flies have the capability to make me feel annoyed, the children don't mind. Because they make a penny a fly, so now i not only have flies flying everywhere, i have children climbing furniture to reach the flies. They have to keep track of the death count and the money owed, so it makes for great math. But that's nothing all that interesting to write about either, so i'm going to stop writing for the day and get on with my coffee.


  1. your kids seriously have super fly killing powers. I've never seen anything like it! fast as lightening! hahaha

    so what book was it, if I can ask?

  2. Haha, is right, i would rather they didn't have to exercise their fly killing powers in my house.

    The book is called White Mother, written by a black teacher. An autobiography of her and her sister's life, a life of wretched poverty in the deep south until a white woman meets them and changes their life through kindness. This was in the days long before the civil rights movement. Simply but powerfully written, the kind of book that i have to keep reading until i'm finished.


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