24 April, 2009

An ode to my mother in law

Thinking about my mother in law house cleaning my kitchen made me think about how the children absolutely adore her. It's like christmas when she comes to our house. For example, yesterday she not only brought lunch and supper, she also walked in with a huge bag of very sweet oranges, a big bag of books, a box of peanutbutter malt balls and a container of homemade granola bars. But that's not the real reason they love her. They adore her because she listens to them and she loves to read to them, never minding that they all pile as close as possible. She truly loves them, making them feel ever so special and most importantly, she has time for them. She's never to busy to stop and pay attention and for that, she is one of their most loved people in the entire world. I can learn much from her and i am so thankful that God has blessed me with such a special mother in law. I love you mom!!

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  1. can I borrow her? she sounds fabulous! I don't have a MIL! I'm a bit envious :)


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