08 April, 2009

Of kombucha and sluggish brains

I need a cool refreshing drink. Tall, icy and gives a person a boost of energy. Kombucha and frozen peaches to the rescue. A cup or 2 of peaches that have been frozen in orange juice and a good amount of kombucha, enough to cover plus some extra. Whirr it in the blender and "come to mama". Fit for a king. Or a pregnant woman. Depending on the tartness of the kombucha you might need a drop or 2 of stevia but it's a drink that hits the spot.

We've reached a homeschooling plateau, a place that's no fun and easy to get discouraged. The brains seem sluggish and i'm attacked with the thought that i'm an idiot for ever thinking i could teach our children anything. This is a good time to remember that i'm not in charge of this school, God is. I remind myself that it's one day at a time, one fraction and decimal point at a time. Some day i will look back and say it was all worth it, and that my children aren't damaged for life with me as their teacher.......right?

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