15 April, 2009

A ministry worth living for

I'm tempted, sometimes, to wish my life away. To wish for a future time when the children are grown and i have long peaceful mornings. To wish for a time when i'm not tired and a bit hormonal. To wish for a time when i can have a "ministry" outside the home that doesn't demand my time, 24/7. And then i sit on the rocker with a twin snuggled in each arm. They suck their thumbs furiously while i rock gently, totally content in the love of their mama. And i realize that it will never get better than this. I am in the best time of my life and every moment that i have a small child nestled against me is as precious as gold and just as fleeting. Every moment that i carry a small baby under my heart, nestled in the very depths of my body, nourishing it and giving it life, is the very highest "ministry" i can ask for. Motherhood is exhausting, draining and never gives a break, but, there is no other place in my life that will honor and glorify our God more. Motherhood is a great teacher, yanking my selfishness out by the roots, painfully and consistently. I will never be the same, and if i allow it, i will come out as gold, refined and glorious. And Marlin will look at me with that smile and say, "come to papa." :)

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  1. Beautifully written! The greatest ministry we will ever have is the one to our family. If we fail there then we have failed life.


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