11 April, 2009


Easter...........most of us grew up with it and all the symbols surrounding this great day. But how many of us really understand it? I didn't for years, and to be honest, i'm not sure i really grasp it to this day. But i have a fuller understanding of it this year than ever before. I've been a christian for over 7 years and yet i still struggle to understand the full meaning of what really happened that wknd over 2ooo years ago. I know what happened to my heart when Jesus Christ stepped in and took control, but what exactly does all that mean? It's a miracle, one that we can't argue with. I had an experience this past week that put into sharp focus who Darla really is without Christ, and i realized that i still deserve hell. All the good things i do or have done, all the "right" things that are a part of my life, they do nothing to make me holier or more righteous in God's eyes. I am still a desperate human, without anything good in me and if i stood in front of God this moment, i would deserve for Him to point away and tell me to leave, He doesn't know me. I realized that this week and i realized it without fear or condemnation but with total understanding. There's only one thing that keeps me from eternal hell and that's the passionate love of a Father for His daughter, and the passionate love of a Savior for a sin sick world. In and of myself, i deserve nothing more than the worst, but it's in realizing this and throwing myself at the foot of that cross, that i gain eternity.


  1. HALLELUJAH! JESUS IS ALIVE! Death has lost it's victory, the grave has been denied! All because of Calvary's love! Many blessings to you this Resurrection weekend!

  2. Great testimony!!! Praise God it is all about JESUS and NOT me!!!!


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