26 May, 2009

Memorial Day Weekend

The long weekend is over and we had a great time, although i feel like a train wreck. I'm getting a chance to practice what i preach with Emily. Sometimes happiness is a choice, something we choose to do, even when we'd rather take someone's head off. The twins are in need of serious training or some serious tylenol, not sure which. I'm suspicious they're teething again but as Marlin would say, it's no excuse for them to act like a couple of screaming banshees.

Inner Harbor was great, although we were a little disappointed with the aquarium. I think we had it totally blown up in our minds and it didn't help that i was carrying a very heavy toddler on my back. No strollers allowed. We walked everywhere since the hotel was within seeing distance of the harbor. The kids favorite part was Port Discovery, oh my, they had SO MUCH fun!! I sat with the twins and watched people and actually ended up talking with a woman who is trying to get pregnant with their second. Her eyes nearly popped out when she found out we have 6, going on 7. We ate at Chipotle's for lunch and were planning on eating at a Brazilian steakhouse for supper until we saw the prices. We ate at Panera's instead and decided to save the Brazilian steak for a date sometime. The kids did AWESOME until saturday supper. Total meltdown with the twins equals high stress levels on the parents part. We were so thankful we weren't in some snazzy restaurant because we could've never enjoyed the $50 a plate food. We were done eating when we saw flashing lights outside and wouldn't you know the cops were trying to wrestle a guy down. People everywhere watching, and our kids had their mouths open. It was a great learning experience, although my heart ached for the guy and his miserable life. We went back to the hotel, and were almost asleep when i heard shouting and yelling outside. I thought at first it was party goers until i finally went to the window and saw flashing lights and a woman on the ground. There were cops everywhere holding people back, and debris laying all over the street. Finally the woman got up and the people started disappearing when i noticed flashing lights farther up the street. Next thing we saw was a bunch of police trying to hold a guy down and then we saw him get away and start running down the street, right past our hotel. He had at least 6 cops after him but he managed to disappear. They shut the whole street down and before long mounted police on some beautiful horses came galloping past, along with police on bikes and a police helicopter circling overhead with a spotlight. I was hoping the guy would come running past again but nope, he'd disappeared for good. Such is life in the city. I was kind of surprised to see that kind of action where we were at, but it made for an exciting 30 minutes nonetheless.

The children were sad to leave and are hoping to go back someday. I told Marlin it's probably easier now than it will be when they're teenagers and everyone has a strong opinion on what they want to do. He didn't think so until i reminded him that we're both too strongly opinionated to not have opinionated teenagers. He couldn't help but laugh and agree. It did kind of make me sad to realize that in a short number of years they won't be content with Port Discovery and paddle boats. They're growing up too fast and my mother's heart aches already for the future when they'll be all grown up and gone. On the other hand, i look forward to strolling by the water holding hands with my man and enjoying our quiet life. Oh, who am i kidding. We'll always be hauling our grandkids with us, holding grubby hands in ours and spoiling them with all kinds of fun. When children love gets in your blood, it never leaves.

This past weekend is already a very special memory, made all the more special with it being a rare experience. And keep a lookout for some pictures. Marlin took lots and is planning on downloading them soon. :)


  1. Sounds like so much fun Darla! We are all moved in with ERic's mom and it's actually going very well. I think we might miss it when we move into our "real" house. :)
    Love you,

  2. Glad you guys enjoyed Port Discovery. It was always a favorite of ours in Baltimore! Did you climb through any of the really high rope tunnels? :)

  3. That's wonderful Connie! And Sean, Marlin and the kids climbed up way high but i stayed low with the twins. No climbing for this mama. :)

  4. Yes, we must enjoy every moment with our children under our roof! Brandon is already 17 and driving and running with the Youth Group. Tonight he left for 4 days. He went with a bus load to Pittsburgh to Evangelize there. They call it Pittsburgh For Jesus! I miss him already! I think it would seem like it would be hardest to see the oldest and youngest leave the nest. You know all the firsts and all the lasts! I'm so sentimental! Thanx for sharing about your weekend. Sounds like alot of fun! We had a wonderful day with Rex's Saturday and they said you were joining them Sunday! Awesome! Have a wonderful week! If you want to come Yard Saling this weekend our neighborhood has 17 participants including myself. I even have some twins boy clothing for you! Come check us out! Just me, Jewel

  5. Hey Darla --- I have a friend that told me to check out this site. She said she loves reading what you write. You can't believe how surpised I was when I saw your family pic. I was like "what I know these people" Anyway I have really enjoyed reading and catching up with you and your family.

    Sounds like you had a fun weekend. You are right about enjoying the stage of life we are in cause all too soon we will be in the next stage. Btw - we have 3 children - Shane is 8, Sequoia is 6 and Ian is 15 months. Life is busy but I am enjoying it.

    Later - Karisa Hochstetler

  6. Hi Karisa, good to hear from you! It's been a long time, aye? I know the busy feeling. :)


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