21 May, 2009

Tuna Taco Salad

It's the day before a big weekend, i have a million and one things to do, the kids are hungry and i realize i'm out of bread. So i search the cupboards for something....anything. And then i spy the taco shells. But all my hamburger is frozen and the last thing i feel like doing is splattering up my nicely cleaned stove and spending the next 30 minutes frying a hunk of frozen meat. And then i remember that i have a can of albacore (tuna) in the pantry and somewhere, in the dark recesses of my mind i remember hearing about tuna taco salad. Sure enough, it does exist and i print out a recipe to follow. Kind of. I don't have salsa to mix with sour cream so i use a tomato instead. Sprinkle it with cumin, salt and pepper, add finely chopped onion and voila! Oh, don't forget the tuna. Put a layer of salad greens in the bottom of your oven crisped taco shell and top with tuna salad. It was delicious and the kids loved it. Except for Eric. Tuna just isn't the same as peanut butter and honey. He needs to loosen up and live a little but that's a job for his wife. :)

I was delighted to finally find a tuna that doesn't contain "vegetable broth." Vegetable broth means lots of soy and unless you want strange things growing out of strange places, i would stay away from soy as much as possible. Bumblebee sells a tuna (they call it albacore) and the ingredients are tuna, water, salt and something called pyrophosphate. And no, i'm not going to find out what that is. I can only do so much. You can buy organic tuna but it's a little pricey and you have to look at a health food store. This Bumblebee brand is very, very mild, which i like, but it is a bit more expensive than the regular.

I used to hate tuna. We never had it at home but my mom would make mackerel soup and it was plain nasty (God bless her). She never bothered to get rid of the skin and little bones and the result was enough to traumatize me for a very long time. In my mind, canned fish was canned fish. Eventually i grew up and discovered that i love tuna. Especially fresh tuna, but unless we inherit some serious money, that will be reserved for special occasions.


  1. I'll have to try and find the albacore brand at BB's next time I go. I've been staying away from tuna 'cause I figured it probably wasn't real great for us. I have not made bread in a little while and I really wanted to pull that off before we move...but it's NOT going to happen! Eric took the toy box with him to work so you should have it by this evening. :)
    And that's all for my random comment! Have a fun day with your precious children. Praying that you get everything done that you need to do...I could use prayer in that department too! :)

  2. I think most albacore will use vegetable broth, but Bumblebee in the dark gold can does not. If you like canned salmon, you could do the same thing with that. It's much easier to find canned salmon with only salt and it's a great way to get fish nutrients.

    Blessings with moving!


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